Laptop and Tablet SAR Testing.

If the antenna is located within 20 cm (8.5 inches) of the body, the laptop would require SAR testing for radio frequency exposure limits. For laptops with antenna located at the top of a large LCD, SAR testing may not be required. The SAR testing includes all transmitters installed in the laptop or tablet computer. If the WLAN is a diversity antenna design, all antennas must be tested and evaluated for the SAR requirements. The laptops are tested with the bottom of the laptop in contact with the flat phantom only. All tablets are tested for RF exposure limits on the bottom of the tablet as well as the side at the bottom of the LCD screen in both landscape and portrait modes if applicable. The US SAR requirements are listed in OET bulletin 65 Supplement C, KDB 447498, KDB 248227, KDB 616216 and KDB 941225. The EU requirements are listed in IEC 62209 Part 2.