Common Mistakes to Avoid in SAR & RF Compliance Testing

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Common Mistakes to Avoid in SAR & RF Compliance Testing

As a lab with decades of experience in providing clients with compliance testing, we understand that it’s easy to make mistakes when bringing a wireless device to market. The process can be long, and unless you’re a SAR and RF testing expert, it’s understandable to be unfamiliar with the many rules and regulations a device needs to comply with. Although this guide may not provide you with all the answers you’re looking for, it should provide you with the knowledge you’ll need so your product will be more likely to gain certification.

1. Designing a product without SAR & RF regulations in mind

If your product isn’t compliant with SAR and RF regulations, this could cause schedule delays in getting your product to market, expensive and time-consuming design changes, and of course, your product will need to be re-tested for compliance. If you don’t consider compliance when designing your product it will be at much greater risk for all of these issues.

Designing your product around compliance regulations will make the entire process much simpler. The key to this is working with a testing lab that is able to provide guidance on how to design a device so that it can get certification.

2. Waiting to test until your product is complete

All devices need to be tested after their design is complete in order to prove compliance, but that doesn’t mean that you should wait until you have a completed product to begin thinking about compliance testing. Waiting until the very end of the process will complicate the entire process if your product does not pass testing, which is very likely if you don’t take regulations into consideration every step of the way.

We recommend testing throughout each phase of your product’s development, also known as pre-compliance testing. Working with an expert testing lab will also provide you with guidance about the design of your product, which also affects a device’s ability to prove compliance.

Testing throughout development will also disclose any compliance issues and make it much easier to make changes.

This is especially important as technological changes require more components for devices, making testing more complex.

3. Not considering global regulations

Regulations for SAR and RF compliance testing differ globally. When your product is completed and ready for the market, you’ll need to prove compliance with regulations for every country where your product will be sold. That means that you’ll need to take these regulations into consideration during the entire development process. 

This is especially important for devices that will be sold in multiple countries because of differences in regulations. If you don’t consider SAR and RF regulations throughout the process, you may end up with a device that is able to prove compliance in one country but not in another. You may even have a device that isn’t compliant with regulations for any country it will be sold in. This could require you to completely redesign the device or make significant changes. Either way, it will increase your overall costs and your time to market.

Save yourself the headache by working with a team of compliance testing experts who have knowledge of global regulations.

Avoid common testing mistakes when you work with RF Exposure Lab

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Working with an experienced testing lab as early as possible in the manufacturing process will help you successfully get through the maze of regulations and ensure that your product is compliant. We offer compliance testing services for a variety of wireless devices, such as

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