Why You Should Choose a SAR Facility That Tests With Integrity

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Why You Should Choose a SAR Facility That Tests With Integrity

For many manufacturers, SAR testing is seen as a complicated and confusing hurdle that must be overcome to prove compliance and get their products to market. Businesses often don’t have anyone on their team that has practical knowledge of SAR regulations, which means that they don’t know what testing may be required for their product if testing is required at all. Working with a SAR facility that will be transparent about what is and isn’t necessary for your product can save your business time and money in the testing process. Keep reading to find out how RF Exposure Lab can help you complete your projects with integrity and transparency.

Working With a SAR Facility That Tests With Integrity

An issue that our clients often deal with when completing SAR testing projects is their lack of knowledge about compliance testing. This is especially prevalent in the medical industry, which is relatively new to wireless technology and SAR testing. These businesses often lack in-house expertise.

In a case with one of RF Exposure Lab’s clients, we were approached to provide the client with a competitive bid after their product had been evaluated by a different SAR facility and given a high quote.

After we evaluated their product, we found that the product did not need to undergo SAR testing to prove compliance. We advised the client, explaining why their product was excluded from SAR testing and pointed out the specific section in SAR regulations. 

Clients in this situation usually only need to write a letter or perform a calculation to show that the item is excluded. We guided them through this process, eliminating the need for testing and saving the client thousands of dollars.

Transparent Testing From RF Exposure Lab

In addition to our expertise in SAR testing, our team always goes above and beyond to make sure that our clients understand where their product is in the testing process and what testing is needed. We strive to be as communicative and transparent as possible throughout the entire process so that our clients are never left in the dark.

This focus on integrity and transparency comes from RF Exposure Lab’s Owner, Vice President, and Chief Engineer, Jay Moulton. An authority in SAR testing with a background in manufacturing and the regulatory side of SAR testing, Jay Moulton has more than 25 years of experience. He is unique in his ability, experience, and knowledge of SAR. It’s this distinctive expertise and knowledge that allows us to guarantee our clients accurate SAR testing results and solutions. 

We offer SAR testing services for a variety of wireless devices, such as

As well as many more devices! If you’re looking for a SAR facility that provides testing with expertise, speed, accuracy, and integrity, contact us to learn more about our services or to get a quote.