Medical & Other Wireless Device Testing

Medical Devices

For all implant devices, the FCC requires that the SAR test and evaluation be conducted using FDTD simulation. The FCC does not allow direct SAR testing at this time. All wireless medical devices that are used external to the body and within 20 cm of the body are required to be evaluated to meet the SAR requirement.

Some examples of these types of devices would include wireless patches, wireless monitoring devices, wireless X-rays, and any other device normally used within 20 cm of the body.

Other Wireless Devices

Any device that is normally used within 20 cm (8.5 inches) of the human body needs to be evaluated for SAR testing. The US allows devices transmitting <60/f(GHz) mW to be excluded from SAR testing even if the device is within 20 cm of the body. For the EU, all devices transmitting ≤ 20 mW regardless of frequency must have SAR testing conducted if the device is normally used within 20 cm of the body.

Other types of devices which could be required to have a SAR evaluation conducted on the device would be wireless location ankle bracelets, wireless wrist watch devices, push to talk radios, and wireless UHF transceivers.