Expert SAR Testing Facility

RF Exposure Lab, LLC is the leading expert in SAR testing and is an A2LA Accredited facility located in Southern California

Expert SAR Testing Facility

RF Exposure Lab in San Marcos, California, is one of the few SAR testing labs in the USA, and the only stand-alone SAR lab in the country. RF Exposure Lab offers SAR testing to EMC laboratories or manufacturers and is unique in its support by offering a comprehensive solution for its clients. RF Exposure Lab offers not only SAR testing for each client’s product, but also design suggestions for manufacturers’ products in order to guarantee that they meet all SAR testing standards before the design process is complete, saving our clients time and money.

Chief Engineer Jay Moulton’s 25 years of regulatory experience sets him apart from other SAR labs around the country. Due to Jay’s unique background in the manufacturing side of wireless devices and his career experience in the regulatory side of SAR, Jay is able to assist clients to a greater capacity. RF Exposure Lab offers SAR testing for a multitude of wireless merchandise including cell phones, laptops, tablets, medical products, survey equipment, wireless modules, and much more.

Here at RF Exposure Lab, our number one priority is customer service! We go above and beyond to make sure our customers understand what we do and assist them through the regulatory maze that makes up SAR. Through our unique expertise and commitment to our clients, we guarantee accurate SAR testing and results.

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RF Exposure Lab’s owners Jay Moulton and Tamara Moulton have more than 25 years of SAR industry experience. Jay was involved in writing the SAR testing and methodology used to establish the FCC requirements used today.


Our volume of specialized equipment and our prompt communication on testing results ensures quick turnaround time on your tested devices.


Jay Moulton is unique in his ability, experience, and knowledge of SAR, with a background in both manufacturing and regulatory SAR testing that allows for increased accuracy in testing.


We are the only independent SAR testing lab in the world and have best-of-class equipment in use.