Experience and Expertise

Jay Moulton has over 25 years of SAR industry experience, while Tamara Moulton has 25 years of experience as a CPA. Together, Jay and Tamara Moulton own and manage RF Exposure Lab, the only stand-alone San Diego County SAR testing facility. 

Jay Moulton

Lead Technical Engineer at RF Exposure Lab, Jay Moulton is unique in his ability, experience and knowledge of SAR, with a background in both manufacturing and regulatory SAR testing. A graduate from Chapman University with a BS in Engineering and a Masters of Business Administration, Jay has been involved in the regulatory side of engineering since 1981. Jay worked at NCR/AT&T Corporation in the 1980s and was a director of engineering at Qualcomm in the 1990s, where he was responsible for regulatory guidelines for the entire company before starting his own standalone SAR lab. Due to Jay’s vast experience and knowledge of SAR, he was asked to be involved in the 1996 IEEE World Wide Committee that wrote the SAR testing and methodology used to establish the FCC requirements used today. Jay’s extensive knowledge of SAR allows RF Exposure Lab to provide unique expertise and guarantee its clients accurate SAR testing, results, and solutions.

Tamara Moulton

Lead Business Manager at RF Exposure Lab, Tamara Moulton has a background in both large and small businesses. She earned her CPA at Arthur Young where she audited and assisted many clients in their business pursuits. Tamara also worked as the Vice President of Investor Reporting for Glendale Federal Bank, managing a large staff. Tamara currently runs the office for RF Exposure Lab and performs audits to comply with A2LA requirements.