Jay Moulton to be Keynote Speaker at Nemko USA’s 2022 Certification and International Market Access Seminar

Jay Moulton to be Keynote Speaker at Nemko USA’s 2022 Certification and International Market Access Seminar

This year’s Nemko USA Certification and International Market Access Seminar will be held on September 26 and 27 in Oceanside, CA. We are proud to announce that Jay Moulton, RF Exposure Lab’s Owner and Vice President, will be a keynote speaker at this event. He will be presenting an overview of global SAR requirements as well as a summary of current global SAR testing standards and regulations.

In addition to this, the Nemko USA 2-day seminar will also provide important training on current global regulations for ITE and wireless products.

“Compliance Challenges OEM Integrators Face” and “Design for Compliance” will also be presented by Brandon Quintana of Avnet Integrated and Paul Melanson of Dell Technologies, respectively.

Other topics that will be discussed include:

  • Overview of compliance label rules for selling your products worldwide (Challenges and Standardization)
  • The Challenge of Integrating machine-to-machine (M2M) Communications across Industries
  • The Challenges of IoT Integration and How to Address Them
  • Overview of RoHS Requirements All Over the World with an emphasis on Saudi Arabia SASO RoHS Conformity
  • Update on regulatory requirements in Asia
  • Regulatory requirements in Africa
  • Regulatory requirements in EAEU
  • Update on regulatory requirements in North America
  • Update on regulatory requirements in Europe and United Kingdom
  • In-depth round table discussion on new requirements and technical issues in key markets, and much more!

You can also find a brief overview of global SAR testing requirements on our blog.

Let RF Exposure Lab Handle Global Regulatory Requirements for Your Products

We have both the A2LA accreditation and experience to efficiently and cost-effectively perform SAR testing for the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, South Korea, and more. You can see our full list of worldwide compliance testing standards here.

At RF Exposure Lab, we always strive to make sure our clients understand what is required for their products because we only perform the required testing and nothing more. When clients begin working with us early in the process of manufacturing a device, we can also provide design suggestions to ensure that your product’s design will not affect its SAR results. Through our unique expertise and commitment to our clients, we guarantee accurate testing and results.

We offer testing services for a variety of wireless devices such as cell phones, wireless modems, laptops and tablets, medical products, and much more. If you’re looking for SAR compliance testing help provided with speed, accuracy, expertise, and integrity, contact us to get a quote for our services.